The story begins

Everything started about a year ago when I first started dating this guy. He was absolutely wonderful, he did everything for me, he was the perfect boyfriend. He wanted me to have everything a girl could dream of, he was fun, exiting, handsome, he was everything I had ever imaged a boyfriend could be. When I started dating him, nobody knew about it because I wanted to keep it a secret. I knew that my friends would say that I should keep my distance from him, because he was not one of the “popular” boys. When we had kept it a secret for 4 months, we deiced to tell everyone. The same day we did this, I was at a party with my friends, I got some serious though love from my friends. I have never been a strong person, so I got really hurt from what they said. 

I was scared I had made a mistake, but when I met him, everything my friends had said didn’t mean anything. He made me feel so safe, and it felt like it was me and him against the world. Everything my friends had said did not matter, it was only his words that meant  something. After this I completely forgot my old friends, there were no time for them. I spend every minute I had in his arms. 

Maybe it sounds like all we did was laying in a sofa and watching movies, but honestly I have never experienced so much in so little time. We went on many parties where there was so many people I had never met before, and everyone was so true and nice. It was nothing like my friends before, I could actually tell someone something without seeing it on Facebook 10 minutes after. After the parties we went home, the morning after I could wake up with breakfast on the bed and a invite to a boat trip.I followed him regardless of what he wanted to do, if it was to ride jet skies or visit a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. We could watch the sunrise together for hours without saying a word. It was so peacefully, I knew I could trust him a 100% and I knew that he would never let anything hurt me.    


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